Wayward adventures.

A shaky begining.

The party awakened off the bat in the dungeons of Never Winter with little to no memory of the previous events. An elf rouge by the name of Onyxia, an Eladrin Wizard named Kal’ Thas, a dwarf cleric named Vanndar WildHammer and a Lizard man paladin named Athyn.

The guards at the dungeon released the group, due to them receiving information that said the party should not have been held captive. The guards said:

“We found each one of you lying along the road unconscious. Each time though we found a note with this symbol on it. (The symbol is a red hammer with a circle around it).”

The guards gave the group their equipment and upon being asked, offered some advice on what to do:

“Well, you could start looking in a few places really. The docks have sailors and other folks coming and going, and with them comes rumors and information. The slums would be good as well as the bars there would have a lot of people. The other place you could go to would be the temple district, among the temples lies Devona and I hear she is looking for work, what with the recent plague.”

The group decided to go to the slums (the dungeon was in the market district, near the castle entrance) for as soon as they were released they could see smoke coming from that direction.

Upon arrival, smoke could be seen above the roof tops. The stench of flesh, muscle and all other human matter was strong and their initial thoughts of corpses being burned was proven correct. One man helping burn the dead said that the plague was taking its toll and that they couldn’t just leave the numerous bodies in the streets.

The tavern was their next stop, and upon entrance two things could be seen. A gnome with at the bar laughing up a storm with two daunting figures on either side of him, who were clearly tired of his nonsense. The other thing was a knight in the corner of the room, who upon being spotted by the party turned away, hoping not to be seen.

The group scattered at this point. Onyxia went to the knight while Vandarr and Kal went to the barkeep.

With some fast talking Onyxia realized that the knight was one of the men who had attacked their group! At this point Athyn, who was originally outside, entered the tavern and upon being called over by Onyxia was informed of who this man was. With a blood lust, he graped the knights throat and squeezed, crushing it with little issue.

At this point two men stood up and walked toward the corner, unsheathing their short swords while the majority of the patrons of the tavern either fled or hid.

A fight had broken out! But the enemies were quickly dealt with as they proved little issue for our party.

With a blood stained hand Athyn was pleased with his work, but noticed that the knight had a note on him. The note was written in a language foreign to the entire party, however it did have the red hammer on it.

After taking the gold off the attackers, the group noticed that the tavern owner, hiding behind the table, was sobbing. His establishment would need much repair after this, but the group decided to ease his pain by leaving a fair sum of gold to him.

It was evening at this point, so they looked to a different tavern in the market district. With some good talking they manged to reduce the price on the rooms and resting till the morning.

Upon waking up the traveled to the temple district to visit Devona, a devout follower of Bahumut. The entrance to the templed dedicated to the dragon god was grand. Red carpet could be laid from the door to a raised platform on the other side of the temple. Columns stretching on either side of the carpet went from the floor to the high celling. Various monks could be seen, an upon asking the nearest one where Devon was, he simply pointed to the platform in the distance, where a figure could be seen making a prayer.


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